Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Britain now No 1 al-Qaida target - anti-terror chiefs"

That's the headline to this article in today's Guardian. Can you believe it? This is the same 5-year old propaganda and the media are still reporting it like good little lambs.

The instigators of this propaganda are now treating us like a bunch of absolute fools, Britons. Wake up. This is just the old scare stuff peddled over again. But beware, those who produced this press report could well be up to something themselves. (Are Visor Consultants running a mock attack in your area? When's Rudy Giuliani next visiting the UK? These are some of the questions we could be asking in order to avoid a 'coincidence'. Info: Guiliani and Visor Consultants)

The sub-head is "Officials say group sees July 7 attacks as 'just the beginning' of UK campaign". But on April 9th 2006, we were informed "Al-Qaeda not linked, says government".

A challenge: Name one person in the world who's been charged for carrying out 'al-Qaeda' work. And don't say Moussaoui - look at this short video. And don't say bin Laden, either. FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”. (Source:

For all the cries of 'sleeper cells', where has there been one? Bush was gonna hunt them down - 60 or more 'sleeper cells' over America. How many were there? - NONE. See video: Power of Nightmares, part three.

Sharpen up, research and shout it, there's something going on. And whatever it is, it'll mean new, more restrictive laws and 'security measures'.

Our liberty is at stake.

Whilst you're thinking about it, you might like to add this into the mix. It's a report of a remark by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair about internment camps. Now worry.

Image: Poster from WWI


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