Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nationwide Police Blitz on Cannabis Farms

Operation Keymer was set up to target cannabis factories across the UK, focusing particularly on 'skunk' varieties. See Sunday's Observer.

Some of the raids which come up on a Google search on "cannabis farm" (where reported the discovery is mainly because of smell):
Yorshire in June
Bradford in July
Northumberland in August
Pic of WPC at Northumbria farm
Newcastle in September
Rochdale in September
Staffordshire in October
Middleton in October
Wythenshawe in October
St Helens in October
Aberystwyth in October
Aldershot in October (pay to read)
Preston in November

The Bust
Here's a Google video showing a cannabis farm bust in Salford -
Cannabis farm bust (5 minute video)

What's it all about?
Stoned Free Guide to Growing Cannabis (36 minute video)

'Stoned in Suburbia'
For some delightful relief from all that hassle above, here's a lovely film with mature stoners, including Howard Marks and George Melly, a lady who bakes cannabis, leek and potato pie for her and her friends, and another who spent a week's holiday in the Rif mountains - Stoned in Suburbia (43 minute video)


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