Sunday, November 05, 2006


'We' is a free documentary produced by an anonymous student in New Zealand. It was released for free on the Internet and first appeared at an Australian web site called

The webmaster of received the film anonymously in the mail one day with a simple note that read:
"Feel free to pass this on to others who you know will be interested in its relatively unique content and perspectives (either by copying this DVD, dubbing to VHS, by dissemination through internet download, holding private screenings etc). Using the technology of this information age you have the freedom to be as imaginative as you like in the different ways which you can choose to make this accessible to others."
'We' features Arundhati Roy making her 'Come September' speech, and a soundtrack with music by:
Curve, Massive Attack, Dead Can Dance, Amon Tobin, Faithless, Boards of Canada, Love and Rockets, Nine Inch Nails, Lush, Telepop, Placebo, and others.

See the video on Google Video: We, featuring Arundhati Roy.

Or choose another way of viewing and read all about the video at:
"This is an unusual kind of underground production. An anonymous sympathiser has edited a video recording of Roy’s speech over 64 minutes, interspersing an impressive array of archival footage to illustrate themes and specific historical events. Contemporary music overlaid throughout the piece shifts the mood and quickens the pace. The result is a visual essay rather than a traditional documentary, perfectly suited to its creator’s intentions, which is to spread the anti-imperialist, social justice politics of Arundhati Roy everywhere." (from


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