Monday, February 19, 2007

A Major Problem, Ethical and Moral

The UK's Daily Mail reviews the video Loose Change:
An explosion of disbelief - fresh doubts over 9/11

One of the comments to that article was this:
"I watched this film and I must say it leaves a strange taste in one's mouth. If what they claim is true then we all have a lot to answer for by jumping in with him. I hope and pray that it is not true and that even President G.W Bush was not that stupid. If it is true, however, and he has been taking us all for a ride all this time then we have a major problem on ethical and moral grounds here in the West which we will never get out of. How then will we justify the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the deaths of hundreds of thousands and the passing of the Patriot Act in the US and the erosion of our Civil Liberties in this country that we all meekly accepted as a price for our 'security'? I pray that all this is not true."
That's why we need to be sure it's not true.
Here's the video: Loose Change.

If you watched the BBC programme about 9/11 last night, then you should also check out the comments about it on the programme's web page.


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