Sunday, December 10, 2006

Who Controls America?

Is it James Baker or is it Israel?

The Iraq Study Group have presented their proposals. Bush isn't buying them. Baker represents Big Oil and Big Industry, so if George isn't listening to him who is he listening to?

See Baker vs. "The Lobby"

What about the Democrats?

As the article points out, we'll be fairly sure who's pulling their strings when we see their reaction to the report.

Some comments on the 'Baker vs. The Lobby' article -
Watch closely for signs that Israel wants the troops moved from Iraq to Iran. Once that happens we can end the question of who wags the tail of the US dog. Prepare for another false flag attack since US citizens can't muster any enthusiasm for the war in Iraq, nor a new one in Iran. They can only justify another war with another false flag. Since WW II, false flags have been the mechanism for feeding the military industrial complex.
Just follow the money.
stetchedmind 12.09.06 - 10:52 pm

Don't trust Baker and the "old guard". ISG is a smoke screen to buy time while "they" set up the "emergency" which will necessitate martial law.
Remember - the current obession with Betrayal.
Yes, Its This Serious 12.09.06 - 9:29 pm


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